“Ultimate travel guide to DUOMO CITY…..ITALIA

Nestled in the heart of a picturesque region, Duomo City stands as a testament to human creativity and ingenuity. With its rich history, breathtaking architecture, and vibrant cultural scene, this city has become a must-visit destination for travelers from around the world.

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The crown jewel of the city, the Duomo di Duomo, is an architectural masterpiece that captures the essence of Gothic and Renaissance styles. Its intricately carved façade, towering spires, and exquisite stained glass windows create an ethereal atmosphere. Venture inside to witness the grandeur of the nave, adorned with frescoes and sculptures that depict the city’s history and religious devotion.


Adjacent to the Duomo, Piazza della Libertà is a bustling square teeming with life. Here, locals and tourists converge to soak in the vibrant atmosphere, enjoy outdoor cafes, and indulge in delectable Italian cuisine. The square is also home to the grand Palazzo della Città, an elegant municipal building that showcases the city’s administrative heritage.


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Delve into Duomo City’s past by visiting the Museo Storico, a treasure trove of artifacts and artworks. The museum showcases a wide range of exhibits, including ancient relics, archaeological finds, and masterpieces by renowned artists. From classical sculptures to Renaissance paintings, each artifact unveils a piece of Duomo City’s rich cultural tapestry.




For those seeking a blend of shopping and architectural marvels, a visit to La Galleria is a must. This stunning glass-domed shopping arcade is lined with high-end boutiques, exquisite cafes, and enchanting mosaics. Stroll through its elegant corridors, marvel at the intricate ironwork, and indulge in a spot of retail therapy.






the Duomo, also called Florence Cathedral or Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Roman Catholic church in Florence, Italy. When it was consecrated in 1436, it was the world’s largest church, having capacity to accommodate 30,000 worshippers. Among the building’s wonderful features are its stained-glass windows; its beautiful  green, red, and white marble facade; its collection of paintings and statuary by Renaissance masters; and particularly  its dome designed in 1420-36. To enter the cathedral, visitors must be properly dressed. The visitors to the cathedral are required to remove their shoes, sunglasses, and cap or hat prior to entering and must avoid wearing low-cut tops, short or skirts.The Duomo of Florence, Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral or Florence Cathedral is the episcopal seat of the archdiocese of the city of Florence. It is one of the best & wonderful masterpieces of Gothic art and the first Italian Renaissance.

The closest train station is Milano Cadorna, just a 20-minute walk. From Cadorna, you can also take the M1 to Duomo, which will drop you right in the main square. If you’re arriving in Milano Centrale, you can hop on the metro to the Duomo, which runs every 5 minutes.


Whether you want to grab a quick bite, enjoy a well-deserved aperitivo or treat yourself to some of Milan’s famous shopping, the city has it all. Thanks to its central location, the area near the Duomo is packed with fine restaurants, classic Italian trattorie, cocktail bars and high-end ateliers







                                                                                  Duomo City is an enchanting destination that enthralls visitors with its architectural wonders and cultural heritage. From the awe-inspiring Duomo to the vibrant Piazza della Libertà and the captivating Museo Storico, the city offers a rich tapestry of experiences. So, whether you are an art aficionado, a history buff, or simply a traveler in search of beauty, Duomo City beckons   you to immerse yourself in its timeless charm and create memories that will last a lifetime.lets continue to explore and discover new ideas,new destinations because knowledge is an endless journey.





Exploring local markets and street food scenes in CASABLANCA.

Few years back We traveled from Lahore (Pakistan) to Morocco.Our main purpose was to enjoy vocations in Casablanca.During this visit I had lot of things to write and many photos to display on my blog but unfortunately my wife died and I forgot to write any thing about our stay in Casablanca. Last November when Foot ball team of Morocco played their first match of FIFA cup in Qatar and defeated Brazil,then I got my memories back and decided to write a blog on Casablanca.

Casablanca, additionally recognized in Arabic as Dar al-Bayda.when Sultan Mohammed ben Abdallah (c. 1710–1790) rebuilt the metropolis after its destruction inside the earthquake of 1755, it become renamed “ad-Dār al-Bayḍāʾ ”  The White residence), although in vernacular use it changed into pronounced “Dar al-Baiḍā” actually residence of the White, although in Moroccan Arabic vernacular it keeps the authentic feel of The White house.Casablanca has a hot-summer Mediterranean local weather (Köppen local weather classification Csa). The cool Canary Current off the Atlantic coast moderates temperature variation, which consequences in a local weather remarkably comparable to that of coastal Los Angeles, with comparable temperature ranges. The metropolis has an annual common of seventy two days with extensive precipitation, which quantities to 412 mm (16.2 in) per year. The very best and lowest temperatures ever recorded in the metropolis are 40.5 °C (104.9 °F) and −2.7 °C (27.1 °F), respectively. The easiest quantity of rainfall recorded in a single day is 178 mm (7.0 in) on 30 November 2010.


1- The historical “Excelsior” Café: one of the most vital cafes that used to be designed in 1916.

2- Al-Ajbas neighborhood: It is one of the foremost vacationer points of interest in the metropolis due to the fact of the architectural building, which is stimulated by means of the spirit of Arab, Islamic and European architecture.

3- Hassan II Mosque: The seventh biggest mosque in the world, with its Andalusian minaret at a peak of 210 meters, which is the best possible non secular constructing in the world.

4- Ain Diab Corniche: It stretches alongside the seashore and is a waterfront that consists of a collection of lovely pools, hotels, cafes and restaurants..

5- Mohammed V Street: which is characterised by way of constructions of French elegance, with a size of two km.

  1. Burj Dubai Casablanca Towers: It is an built-in complicated for business, shopping, tourism and entertainment, with a luxurious lodge and a complicated of residential apartments.
  2.  Morocco Mall: Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean on an place of 250 thousand rectangular meters, with 350 retail outlets imparting merchandise of 600 worldwide brands, in addition to restaurants, leisure facilities, resting websites and vast inexperienced areas.
  3.  Arab League Garden: courting again to 1913, designed in the fashion of French gardens with an place of 30 hectares
  4.  The historical city: a historic region surrounded via a wall that has countless most important gates, the most well-known of which is the Marrakesh Gate, and it is one of the most well-known areas in tourism in Casablanca in spite of its historic age, as it consists of historic monuments represented via historic mosques and vintage homes The coast is one of the most well-known neighborhoods.

Bab Marrakesh is one of the most necessary symbols of tourism in Casablanca, one of the gates of the ancient metropolis and it is meant via most site visitors to Casablanca for the motive of purchasing or to study about the records of the ancient metropolis no matter its crumple due to the earthquake that struck the location in 1775

Top movies filmed in Morocco.


Casablanca, Nest of Spies

Lawrence of Arabia



Sex and the City 2


The Man Who Knew Too Much

Marrakech Express

The Mummy

Black Hawk Down

American Sniper

Captain Phillips

Spies Like Us

Days of Glory

Of Gods and Me

Mission impossible and many more films were pictured in Morocco. Below are posters  of few movies filmed in Morocco.

Most people not only visit because of its world class attractions and stunning locations but also for its safety and security. Morocco is renowned for being one of the most peaceful destinations in Africa with a low crime rate.



Many distinctive film administrators have visited Morocco over the previous few years along with Ridley Scott, one of the most treasured and skilled administrators in the world who is famend for his fashionable important points and has most of his films shot in the Sahara Desert such as Black Hawk Down, Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven and Body of Lies.Most provinces of Morocco are regarded a best stage for film production. Casablanca is the shoot place for the famous film Babel and some other warm spot the place movies are produced is Ait Benhaddou. Some different films filmed right here consist of Jesus of Nazareth, The Sheltering Sky, Lawrence of Arabian and Kundun.Morocco is really worth your precious holiday time due to the fact it is a lovely  place that now not solely attracts heaps of lots of traffic yearly however additionally documentary and film makers.


Morocco food is fueled by exchange of many nations and cultures on last several years. Moroccan cuisine is a mixture of Arabic,Andalussi,Berber and Mediterranean meal.The most commonly cooked Moroccan food dishes consist of lamb, followed by chicken, and are usually prepared the traditional way in a tagine. A tagine is a traditional round clay dish with a cone-shaped lid used to lock in heat and flavour, braising meat and vegetables until tender and super-fragrant. Along with meats, legumes such as lentils and chickpeas are also popular to add protein. Hearty vegetables like pumpkin, potatoes, and carrots are commonly added to tagines with the clever additions of olives for saltiness and fruits like currants and pomegranate seeds for sweetness.





Grindelwald………mountain resorts in Switzerland

Last October it was long week end,so we decided to travel towards Switzerland’s famous mountain areas.It is a small town which is called “GRINDELWALD”. We planned to travel by car.

Driving distance is  523 km (325 mi) estimated cost of fuel is US$100–144,it took 6 hours and 30 minutes to reach destination from Luxembourg.Grindelwald is one of the most famous mountain motels in Switzerland. It’s well-known for its amazing surroundings of the mountains, a huge range of out of doors things to do in all seasons, and additionally shopping.The village of Grindelwald is placed in the Swiss Bernese Alps and is bordered through the north face of the Eiger and the Wetterhorn. Known regionally as ‘the bright Eiger village’, Grindelwald presents awesome views and lots of things to do to hold traffic happy.During the wintry weather months, Grindelwald buzzes with ski enthusiasts; you solely have to take a seem to be at a Grindelwald map to find out the extensive range of Grindelwald ski trails on offer.

As you’ll study in this blog, there are sufficient things  to do in Grindelwald to spend a week there. But, if you solely have a day or two, you won’t be disillusioned either.If you are heading to the Jungfrau location and are thinking about activities to do, Grindelwald in Switzerland is solely about half-an-hour from Interlaken by using educate and gives a lot of options.Whether you decide on to take section in some Grindelwald hiking, would like to take an adrenaline-fuelled trip via the summer time skies, choose to take a day out to the summit of the Jungfraujoch or would certainly love the hazard to loosen up at a spa, there is masses to do in this charming Swiss town.


Grindelwald has many delights to discover, and the Jungfraujoch tour is one of the best. It’s additionally one of the pinnacle motives that travelers go to Grindelwald.This super trip to the summit of the Jungfraujoch at 3,454 metres is one of Switzerland’s most famous day trips.Known as Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe, the mountain top can be reached with the aid of teach from Grindelwald in round ninety minutes, or, as of December 2022, through cable automobile to Eiger Glacier station with a connecting teach to Jungfraujoch in round 30 minutes.Numerous Grindelwald matters to do watch for you at the summit which includes an ice palace, the Sphinx Observatory which gives awe-inspiring views of the Aletsch Glacier, retail outlets and restaurants, and snow things to do in summer.The Jungfraujoch can be visited 365 days of the year.Due to the reputation of this excursion, it is encouraged that you purchase your tickets in advance.



Grindelwald – Männlichen – Grindelwald offerings function from 9am to 5pm day by day (Closed till 25 May, 2022 and then from 24 October to sixteen December, 2022).


If you revel in hiking, Grindelwald will go well with you perfectly. There are several paths and trails appropriate for any degree of hiker, from novices to greater superior walkers. We’ve already cited the hike to Bachalpsee above but there are lots of different hikes to pick out from, as you can see on this Jungfrau Region trekking map.


1.Swiss Alps

2.Louter Brannen water fall

3.Moennilchen romantic trail.

4 . Attitude ski.


6.Gross schelolegg.


                        ”  I don’t know as much about this place as other people,so these are just my thoughts.









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During long week end in last November, few friends of mine planned to visit Normandy. We planned to travel from Luxembourg to Normandy By train which is almost six hour journey. We took train from Luxembourg to Le Havre via Paris Est, Magenta, Haussmann Saint-Lazare, Paris St Lazare, Le Havre, and Gares .Traveling for almost six hours we all were exhausted,so after having dinner we went to hotel rooms and had a sound sleep.With its stunning, wealthy records and multifarious scenery, Normandy has a great deal to provide travelers and different visitors. The French place has one of the country’s most famous vacationer sights, Mont Saint-Michel, as nicely as extraordinary castles, fantastic churches, and scenic historic cities like Rouen.So first of all we took a taxi for Mont Saint Michel which is located at the mouth of the Couesnon river.it’s a medieval village constructed on pinnacle of a big rock, which include an abbey constructed in the eighth century. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is like you have traveled again in time. The Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel and Notre-Dame Sous Terre Chapel are simply two of the must-see locations here. Food-wise, you’ll locate many crêperies – wheat flour and buckwheat pancakes eating places – as properly as the world-famous Omelet de la Mère Poulard – a restaurant reputed to serve the satisfactory omelet in the world, however additionally one of the most steeply-priced.


Normandy is a rural place properly recognized for its cheeses and apple cider. Head to Livarot to pattern 1 of the four famed cheeses produced in Normandy, known as Livarot. The three others are Camembert, Pont l’Evêque and Pavé d’Auge. Accompanied with the aid of a glass of candy and crisp apple cider, the nutty and fruity style of Livarot is sublime. The excellent vicinity to pattern Livarot is at the Fromagerie Graindorge. You’ll examine how this cheese is produced and have the opportunity to pattern and buy many nearby products. Accommodations wise, there may be a variety of inns in the metropolis of Lisieux, 15 km away from Livarot and incredibly livelier.



On June sixth 1944 the Normandy landings started out the integral hostilities to supply France and Europe from the Nazis. This historical navy operation – first of its sort at such a scale – has left many memorials, monuments, museums, and cemeteries that offers you the probability to study extra about this period. Many human beings come right here to pay tribute to these who sacrificed their life. From the extraordinarily transferring Normandy American Cemetery & Memorial close to Omaha Beach to the informative D-Day Museum in Arromanche, there are many web sites devoted to these tragic occasions alongside the Norman Coast.Taking a wider view, during the Battle of Normandy over 425,000 Allied and German troops were killed, wounded or went missing. This figure includes around 210,000 Allied casualties, with nearly 37,000 killed amongst the ground forces and a further 16,000 deaths amongst the Allied air forces.

                                                                               Containing more than 9300 graves,American cemetery,most visited place in Normandy.

Our trip to Normandy was very informative as lot of historic events came in to our knowledge.The very next day in the morning , we started our journey back to Luxembourg.Staying three days in Luxembourg,I took my flight for Pakistan where I had to attend a wedding ceremony.Also I  stayed one week with my elder daughter and grand kids.

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Tired of covid-19 limitations, finally we intended to head out from Luxembourg to Vevey (Switzerland) to go through week end there. With a car in Vevey, Switzerland, you will have all of western Europe inside your grip . A portion of Vevey’s distinguished occupants and guests incorporate the Nestlé Corporation, Charlie and Oona Chaplin, who are covered close by, Anita Brookner and Henry James. The exhibition halls are fabulous, the Old Town is all around saved and flawless, and the eateries are amazing.

The most self-evident and possibly most significant medical advantage of voyaging is pressure decrease. Heading out can remove you from our day by day schedule and into new environmental factors and encounters and this can reset your body and brain. .  Travel opens your heart, expands your psyche, and fills your existence with stories to tell.  In the wake of going for over 6 hours by car, we arrived at city Lausanne and took lodging Best Western hotel  It is near Vevey where Nestle settle are. Lake Geneva and alps were freezing and hazy. There is Food gallery called Almentarium.

Travel is the lone thing you purchase that makes you more extravagant.

Directly on the lake we took a train that goes to a peak called ROCHER DE NAYE.There are ski slants and in winter come  there to ski. Somewhere far off you can see Mont Blanc,tallest mountain in Europe and other swiss alps. Individuals don’t go on outings, trips take individuals. The Swiss town’s wine celebration is however loved as it seems to be uncommon yet, from a Chaplin gallery to boat visits and chocolate paradise, an excursion need not be grape-related. Vevey (French articulation: [vəvɛ] About this soundpronunciation) is a town in Switzerland in the canton of Vaud, on the north shore of Lake Geneva, close to Lausanne. The German name Vivis is not, at this point generally utilized.

Vevey is a Swiss town on Lake Geneva. On the promenade, marked by a giant fork protruding from the lake, is the nutrition museum Alimentarium, with culinary objects and workshops. A Charlie Chaplin statue is nearby. This one-time Vevey resident is also celebrated at Chaplin’s World, on his former country estate. The Musée Jenisch is dedicated to art on paper.We descended via train again from the mountain and afterward went to see a friend who lives in Vevey.he made cheddar fondue for us.A pot liquefied cheddar with slice of bread or potatoes is Swiss forte.

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Beirut is a City of Baffling Contradictions



A few year back I received a telephone call from the office of Pakistan Football federation, Secretary general of PFF  was on  line who informed  that my name has been finalized to head the National football  team contingent. Pakistan national football team  was placed in group 3 of Fifa world cup Asian qualifying round league  matches to be played  between Pakistan, Lebanon, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The venue of first round matches  was Beirut while return matches amongst these 4 teams were scheduled to be played later on  at Bangkok. Next morning I travelled to Lahore for a meeting with the officials of (PFF)Pakistan Football federation. The secretary general of PFF introduced me with  team officials. Amongst other   Mr. John ( a British national) had to accompany the  team of 18 players  as national coach with an assistant coach, one doctor, one journalist and me as Chef de Mission. As per schedule we flew from Karachi on 11th may in the  morning. It was a sunny day and for the first time I was travelling in business class…Really more comfortable  and respectable place to travel. When you fly business class you know that it is not going to be cheap, but that is no problem at all because flying in that class means that you are going to get great service, great food, great drinks and also great comfort.


After  a long journey  we landed at Beirut air port by evening. A  Few officials of Lebanon Football federation were there to receive us. The host had arranged one coaster bus to  carry players to hotel while for me there was a chuffer driven Mercedes  car. Within less than an  hour we reached SUN RISE hotel where we had to stay for next few days.  The hotel’s modern, elegant and fashionable rooms come with a warm bathtub and a panoramic sea view. In addition to a personal lavatory which has a bathe and hairdryer, further in-room services include a direct dial telephone, satellite/cable TV and Internet access, as nicely as a minibar and a double or king-size bed. Air conditioning and heating units, a security credit score box and a balcony or terrace were similarly popular features.  This hotel enjoys a quiet location next to Casino Du Liban and is 5 minutes’ drive from Jounieh city centre and the beach.


Beirut is a unique location where you can discover a nightclub subsequent to a mosque, a bombed-out constructing subsequent to a Chanel boutique, a place where Christianity and Islam sit down together facet through side and share a bowl of hummus. I was lost in thinking of discrimination amongst economy and business class passenger, suddenly someone knocked my door….A  smart young boy standing outside room introduced himself as Bassam za,za.He told me that he will remain with my team as a liaison officer to maintain relationship and facilitate communication and coordinate activities . After having breakfast , We both went to Pakistani Embassy in which I had to record of our arrival. After spending hardly 25 mins there, we deliberate to go to Beirut city. First of all Mr.Bassam took me to al-shatila refugees camp. According to Mr. Bassam The PLO moved its number one base of operations to Beirut within the early 1970s, after Black September in Jordan. The presence of Palestinian forces was one of the main motives that brought about a Christian-Muslim war in Lebanon in 1975–1976 which ended with the occupation of Lebanon by using peace-maintaining forces from numerous Arab countries along with Syria. Bassam  Palestinians inside the Sabra and Shatila camps.

The Israeli Army invaded southern Lebanon with the aid of land, sea and air in an attack aimed toward destroying the primary navy bases of the Palestine Liberation Organization. He in addition informed me that More than 250 Israeli tanks and armored carriers, as well as hundreds of infantrymen, rolled past the remark posts of the United Nations peacekeeping troops in southern Lebanon and fanned out throughout the frontierThe Lebanese guerrilla group Hezbollah surprised Israel with a bold day light assault across the bordertold me that the Phalangist militia killed hundreds of,leading to fighting in which two Israeli soldiers were arrested and at least eight killed.



As homosexuality is still illegal in Lebanon, locations are careful no longer to market it themselves as being openly “gay bars“, preferring “homosexual friendly” instead, so as to prevent having any troubles with the police. These are the primary gay pleasant bars in Beirut which might be thriving in spite of the anti-gay laws:

Mr. Bassam informed me, Back in 1965, it wasn’t hard to make Beirut look good. Lebanon’s capital turned into a playground for the jet set, visited by film stars and millionaires alike, counting Brigitte Bardot and Peter O’Toole as everyday visitors. The Beirut harbor become host to the Queen Elizabeth II cruise deliver and the U.S. Sixth Fleet could anchor and ship its sailors ashore for a week of riotous leave. It became now not the form of town whose safety ranges you’d expect to discover being debated in today’s online tour forums. As I had no in addition temperament to listen unhappy occasions of war, I determined to head again to my room. That night  I couldn’t sleep.

                                                                               Palestinian Refugees camp in Beirut.




Situated on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon has a place of 4,015 rectangular miles (10,400 rectangular kilometers), about three-fourths the dimensions of the state of Connecticut. The Lebanon Mountains are rugged. East of the Lebanon Mountains is the Bekaa Valley, an extremely fertile flatland. At the eastern flank of the Bekaa stands Mount Hermon, straddling the border with Syria. Lebanon consists of few rivers, and its harbors are broadly speaking shallow and small, with polluted coastal waters. Lebanon has an incredibly numerous climate. Less than 30% of Lebanon’s total vicinity can support crop production. Expansion of cultivated areas is limited via the arid and rugged nature of the land.


Lebanese cuisine is a Levantine style of cooking that includes an abundance of general grains, fruits, vegetables, starches, glowing fish and seafood; animal fat are ate up sparingly. Poultry is eaten extra often than pink meat, and when crimson meat is eaten, it is commonly lamb on the coast, and goat meat in the hilly regions. It moreover includes copious quantities of garlic and olive oil, frequently pro through lemon juice. Well seemed savoury dishes encompass baba ghanouj, a dip made of char-roasted eggplant,falafel,small deep fried patties made of notably spiced ground chickpeas,fava beans,or a combination of the two;ghanouj,a dip of char-grilled eggplant;falafel,small fried patties made  and shawarma, a sandwich with marinated meat skewered and cooked on big rods. An essential thing of many Lebanese meals is hummus, a dip or unfold fabricated from blended chickpeas, sesame tahini, lemon juice, and garlic, generally eaten with pita bread. A properly recognized dessert is baklava, which is made from layered filo pastry stuffed with nuts and steeped in date syrup or honey. Some cakes are especially prepared on extraordinary occasions: the meghli, for instance, is served to rejoice a new infant infant in the family. Lebanon’s National Dish is asking your name, tempting you to crunch into its crazy scrumptious fried exterior to let the ones sautéed pine nuts and highly spiced minced meat waken up your tongue. Yum! Make them at home. Kibbeh consists of a dough manufactured from meat, bulgur (cracked wheat), onions and mint leaves, fashioned into soccer shaped croquettes, and stuffed with more meat, onions, pine nuts and Middle Eastern spices. They are then deep fried to perfection so they’re crisp on the out of doors and gentle inside.

At about 10.00PM I reached back in hotel, very tired and exhausted. Now it was time to start packing back of my luggage as we had to take our flight early in the morning. That night again I could not sleep..I was thinking about my elder daughter WARDA whose engagement with a Pak Navy officer was yet to decide. Making long story short, trip to Lebanon was a wonderful experience…I was able to talk to Palestinian refugees, Syrian soldiers, people from Christian community and various officials of Lebanon Football federation who had  hosted a dinner in our honor at final day of matches.  What’s superb about Lebanon is the multiculturalism that thrives in this sort of geographically limited country. In Lebanon, you may dive into the eastern tradition with its exciting traditions and precise customs in one place, after which head to a different region and enjoy a Euro-American manner of life. To cut short I might dare to say : The Beirut that I am leaving has retained all those wonderful characteristics that so impressed me after I first encountered this stunning country; a talented, cosmopolitan, and energetic human beings; a active and loose media;  appreciate for diversity; and deep democratic traditions. From North to South, snickering, conversations, espresso, all bistros are the gathering purpose of Lebanese holding back to talk about governmental issues. All discussions depend on that, no other nation on the planet are included that much with legislative issues: All Lebanese smarty pants, and each one’s conclusion is the best.



                                I dedicate this blog to Albanian Muslims who saved lives of several hundred Jews during 2nd world war.


LAND OF DRIZZLE …..Terra da goroa……BRAZIL.

Our friend Johanna and Gus finally decided to get married on 25th of July 2022.They planned to celebrate wedding ceremony in Sao Paulo (Brazil) as parents of Gus are residing there. Upon their invitation, we decided to attend marriage ceremony and visit Brazil for the first time in our life. We flew from Luxembourg to Frankfurt where we had to stay as transit passenger for 2 hours but unfortunately due to thunder storm, our flight was delayed for more than 8 hours and next day we flew for Sao Paulo by Lufthansa airline. Wedding ceremony was very graceful and we had the opportunity to meet their parents.

São Paulo is identified as a state, and as a city. Those born in the town of São Paulo are called as “Paulistanos.” Those born in the kingdom of São Paulo but, no longer in its capital, are referred to as “Paulistas.” To illustrate, there are three “Paulistanos” soccer groups in the first division of the countrywide league: Portuguesa, São Paulo and Corinthians, which is the solely billionaire soccer

membership in Brazil. Accordingly, there are two “Paulistas” soccer groups in Brazil’s Serie A: Ponte Preta and Santos FC.From Chinese to Congolese, Portuguese to Palestinian, the listing is endless. Of course, being the biggest town in the country, São Paulo additionally attracts Brazil’s satisfactory chefs, who have all opened eating places in the metropolis, serving the best meals the country has to provide.

     You will often hear from Brazilian people saying “ It is the best in Brazil” The food, the dancing, the women, the beaches and the football.



São Paulo is additionally home to the large population of Japanese humans backyard of Asia. Japanese immigration to Brazil began in the early 1900s and nowadays the community’s population is believed to be round 1.5 million. The Japanese Liberdade local is presently one of the most famous traveller spots in the city. This neighborhood has its personal newspaper and many road names and storefront banners are written in Japanese. Moreover they have a good time all the fundamental festivities, such as Moti Tsuki, Toyo Matsuri and Tanabata Matsuri. In addition to a very large Japanese population, the town is additionally home to several Italian, Lebanese, Korean and Bolivian communities.Having the greatest Italian neighborhood in the country, the town has greater than 6,000 pizzerias that produce greater than 1,000,000 pizzas per day or 720 per minute, with revenues of round R$4 billion per year. Pizza is one the preferred ingredients of any Paulista.


The city of São Paulo has the greatest helicopter fleet in the world with 210 heliports in the metropolis the place about 1,300 air crafts land and go away daily. Every 5 minutes, at least four helicopters land or take off from one of the city’s many tall buildings.


The city has the biggest overtly homosexual neighborhood in Latin America, and each 12 months hosts what is viewed to be the greatest Gay Pride Parade in the continent. during last few years, greater than two million people attended the event. There are many hotels, bars, golf equipment and church buildings catering to the community. In 2012, the São Paulo State authorities created the Museu da Diversidade (Diversity Museum) to retain the cultural heritage of the LGBT neighborhood in Brazil.


Football is the glue that holds the Brazilian nation together. The indisputable advantage of football over other sports is the simplicity of the basic rules that allow any approach to understanding the game. As in all countries of the world football training in Brazil is fast approaching. Yet it converted to another religion after official Catholicism more than anywhere else.The most popular teams are the teams with the most fans in Brazil and the three teams with the most wins. They are: Flamenco Corinthians and São Paulo. Flamengo has the most fans in the world with 32.6 million fans. It is the most popular team in Rio de Janeiro having won six Brazilian national titles and one Intercontinental Cup. It is one of only three teams in history to have never been relegated or relegated from the Brazilian Serie A. The other team is Corinthians with 23 million supporters. The team from Sao Paulo has won the Brazilian National Championship four times and the Club World Cup once. Last is Sao Paulo with 15.3 million supporters. It is the third most successful club in Brazilian football and one of the most successful since Serie A was founded in 1971. Sao Paulo has won the Brazilian national championship six times and has won three world titles: two Intercontinental Cups and one FIFA World Cup.

The City is massive, historic, high-class, and very international. As a result, Sao Paulo is home to some of the fantastic museums, restaurants, streets,. However   level of drug addiction is very high and it looks like a poor and criminal state.


Motels, specifically if they are cheap, are famous amongst homeless families. They are safer than the streets and they furnish a respectable quantity of space. They are additionally pretty affordable. However, they can be uncomfortable to stay in due to the fact of terrible prerequisites and lack of maintenance. Leaking roofs, tight spaces, and unhygienic kitchens are simply a few examples of the troubles a household can anticipate to face. More importantly, when the cash runs out, the household is compelled to go returned on the street.They also  sleep in Parks, footpath ,Abounded building.


Metropolitan area, which includes 38 smaller cities around the capital, the population is almost 19,000,000 inhabitants. In Brazil, 81.3% of the population lives in urban areas even though the amazon rain forest covers up to 57% of the total area of Southern hemisphere’s largest country.Language is biggest problem here majority of population don’t understand or speak English. Condition of road is worst,poverty  is main  reason of high crime rate.While traveling to Brazil tourists are advised to take care of their belongings.


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Due to wars of Charles the bold and 80  years’ war, population of Lisse was suffering  From poverty as their main lively hood was based on agriculture and harvesting of Peat. In middle age Lisse was a very small town and had only 50 homes. Now, people of Lisse and their country, NETHERLANDS  are the world’s biggest exporters and grower of Tulips.Tulips came to Europe from Ottoman Empire.Today, Lisse is famous for its beautiful flower fields and flower bulbs that are exported around the world.Lisse is one of the Dutch towns that grew on top of an old beach dike and has a long history. Keukenhof Park is spread on an area of 79 acres of land & as per an estimate 70 million flowers bulbs are planted every year.Beside Tulip,Keukenhof also produces other kind of flowers such as daffodils,lilies,Roses and hyacinths.



From Luxembourg city,it is 4  hours drive and a distance of 409 kilometers.There are some great stops  on the way such as    Brussels, Antwerp, Rotterdam, The Hague, Dinant, Leuven, Tilburg, Delft, Namur, and Mechelen and top places to visit like Escher in Het Paleis and Mauritshuis.In Lisse other place of  interest   are HuysDever, a castle tower from 14th century,Museum De Zwarte Tulp (Black Tulip  museum}  exhibiting the history of the Dutch bulb-growing region.  According to my information more than 14 million tourists mostly from Europe,USA and China come  to RISSE to see the beauty  of Tulip in castle Keukenhof.Unfortunately nowadays tourists  from China and other many countries are not allowed to visit this most romantic  place  due  to covid-19. If you wish to visit this beautiful and romantic place ,easy to reach as a day trip from Amsterdam  or Harlem. Keukenhof is a celebration of colour and all things floral-related. Entry ticket for Keukenhof will cost Euro 16per person available online.  Tulips are one of the first few plants to bloom in the spring—when temperatures are just beginning to upward jab and snow nevertheless sometimes falls.A flower can’t blossom except sunshine, and man can’t stay except love.” Flowers heal me. Tulips make me happy.A flower cannot blossom barring sunshine, and man cannot remain besides love.”

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We flew from Bahrain airport at about 9.40AM through Gulf air and reached Baku at 3.00PM.From air port we  went straight to  qafqaz  Tufondong resort hotel.We stayed there for next 5 days & enjoyed our vocations, visited different  worth  seeing places in Azerbaijan. Some of  information about this  wonderful  and  peaceful and neat & clean city are mentioned below.folk etymology explains the name Baku  derived out of the Persian Bādkube , meaning “city the place always air blows”, appropriate to ordinary winds blowing of Baku. However, the word Bādkube used to be invented solely between the 16th and seventeenth century, because Baku was built at least before the 5th century AD. Azerbaijan is certain regarding the 7th modern-day independent Turkic states. 95% concerning its population are Muslims, 85% are Shia Muslims then 15% Sunni Muslims. Baku a  port city on the Caspian Sea which is capital of Azerbaijan and a main center for oil production. Wealthy residents chose to settle in the city center  of BAKU where oil extraction and refinery are forbidden. The area came to be known as Black City because of the black smoke and soot coming from the factories and oil refineries.


                                                                                                            AFURDZHL  WATER  FALL, BAKU


Sitting of the Azizbeyov location regarding the metropolis over Baku, Abs heron National Park spans 783 hectares regarding protected bank or is the consummate location in conformity with arrive after witness the gorgeous vegetation and fauna about Azerbaijan. The country wide advantage has a whole forces about regional flora and fauna certain so gazelles, birds, jackals, badgers, then Caspian seals.Many visitors  to Azerbaijan may not know that the nation has the biggest number of mud volcanoes on the planet. 350 to be accurate! One of the most mind-blowing known is Garasu Volcano, that has been known to heave mud north of 1,000 meters very high. The volcanoes are caused when gases under the earth develop and drive the mud high out of sight as a delivery. The main mud volcanoes are said to have emitted in Azerbaijan a long time back, and guests to Garasu frequently say that it seems to be the outer layer of the moon!


Shaki Khan Palace is some regarding the captivating structures on Medieval epoch Azerbaijan. It is located in Shaki city on Azerbaijan. Though this is known as a Palace, within reality that was a summer season dwelling regarding Shaki Khanate. The house was once part on the large executive complex placed within the Shaki Fortress. Along the palace, once in that place had been mean dazzling structures, certain as iciness palace, residential constructions of Khans’ family, establishment then army barracks among the complex. Unfortunately, with the passage of time, almost over the constructions demolished. Now, alongside with the pond and thousands years historical trees, Shaki Khans Palace is the only other structure beyond the complex.The first  Christian sanctuary in Caucasus was constructed in  Kish village in Shaki region.. Kish is very  old town in present day Azerbaijan.Some individuals are of the assessment that the congregation in kish remains on the  same  place where St. Elisha established his own Church. The sanctuary of St. Elisha in Kish is most often visited landmark tracing all the way back to the Caucasian Albanian time.Anything you could ever want, you will undoubtedly track down it on Nizami Street. This is one of the most renowned shopping roads in Baku, a hip and clamoring pedestrianized road with a rich assortment of shops, including little outlets, keepsake stores and stores. The fundamental shopping region starts at Fountain Square, and it is a focal point for garments, particularly in the very good quality shops. This area of the city is likewise remarkable for its costly and slick eateries and lodgings. Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan is renowned for a few touring spots, for example, Flame Towers, Old city or ghetto of Baku, Baku Boulevard, Shrivanshahs Palace, Bibi Heybat Mosque, National Museum of History, Fountain Square,Maiden tower  and Nizami street and more.Every person who visits  Baku  does   come to Nizami  street, Baku.

Cold Hands, Warm Heart” is a Christmas market coordinated in Baku, Azerbaijan for a foundation by Nargiz Fund consistently. The market is situated in the downtown area – Fountain Square. It is feasible to track down the range of items here, like dinner, toys, books, home items and so forth. Moreover, those guests partake in a lovely view and the soul of the occasion with embellishments and the music.


Gabala is one of the most gorgeous urban areas in Azerbaijan. It has numerous attractions, either verifiable or normal places that are attractions  for tourists. Individuals pick this locale to visit due to its many touring amazing open doors. Gabala is an extraordinary spot for its old designer from history as well as for the normal scene. Contrasted with past this locale has changed a ton, and presently it even has new framework which remembers skiing resort for the mountains as well as the carnival.







Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is one of Europe’s most appealing urban communities. Set on the banks of the River Tagus, this lively Atlantic port is dispersed over a progression of slopes that uplift its wonderful waterfront area. We had only one-week vocations, so it was decided to visit Lisbon where we never been before. Luckily, we got two air ticket of Easy jet. After travelling for three hours we landed at Lisbon airport. From airport we went straight to Hotel HF urban Fenix and had a very comfortable  sleep that night.

One of the world’s most established urban City

Lisbon’s greatest intrigue lies in its differing neighborhoods, or bairros. Among the most famous of these regions is Belém, supported for its illustrious royal residences, gardens and noteworthy landmarks and tourist spots, for example, the Jeronimos Monastery, one of Portugal’s most visited locales. The city’s most established area is Alfama, an old Moorish quarter, unmistakable for its labyrinth of cobblestone avenues, rural engineering, St. George’s Castle and fado eateries and bars.


Chiado is the social center

with galleries, theaters and show lobbies. Highlighting glass and steel structures, business foundations and club, Parque das Nações is the most present day area, while Bairro Alto is the diversion zone, humming with various bars, discos and dance club. You can visit here the oldest Book shop namely Bertrand Chiado.This book shop was established in  year 1732.Lisbon offers a decent system of open transportation with transports and metro, yet the most energizing approach to encounter the city is by taking one of the vintage cable cars, for example, the notable Tram 28, which twists along memorable quarters, nurseries and fundamental attractions. Due to its old and  very narrow road, tourist can avoid driving here.Public transport goes every where in the city while Taxi and (uber) are safe and inexpensive.Portugal is a ravishing nation to investigate and substantially more than stopper items, flawless ocean and yummy port that it has gotten well known for. It’s one nation that just appears to move me back on numerous occasions with shed heaps of notable urban communities, stunning National Parks and enough bacalhau to fulfill even the hungriest of bellies. Something I love most about Portugal is the manner by which novel every one of the spots feels. You can truly travel 30 minutes up the street and feel like you’re in an entirely unexpected nation; it truly is uncommon. Comprised of different neighborhoods, Lisbon has an entire cluster of eye-getting places you won’t have any desire to miss.You can visit Caza das villas Loreto, this is the oldest shop of candles in the world.

Lisbon Food

One of the most popular dish here in Lisbon is BACALHAU a bras which is easily available in many restaurants. In case you are interested to eat Octopus with grilled potatoes than try Palvo a Lagaroiro.This dish also available on the menu card of many restaurants.



In Lisbon you can visit following worth seeing places:-

Vas code gama mounoment… … Celebrating the accomplishments of travelers during the structure of Portugal’s realm is the Padrão dos Descobrimentos (Discoveries Monument). It speaks to a boat’s front highlighting in excess of 30 sculptures of verifiable figures who had a major impact in Portugal’s Age of Discoveries. These incorporate King Alfonso V, Vasco da Gama, Pedro Alvares Cabral and Ferdinand Magellan, with Henry the Navigator being the most noticeable.

The Santa Justa Lift is an elevator in Lisbon and is the fastest way to get from the Baixa neighbourhood to the Bairro Alto district.

I was surprised to know that the prices of real estate in Portugal are very low as compared to France, Germany and Luxembourg. For example  One room apartment is Luxembourg will cost you

Minimum Euro 400000/- while in Lisbon it can cost you Euro 100000/- or even Euro 90000/-I consulted a real estate agent who offered me one room apartment facing sea at the cost of

Euro 110000/-..Really very attractive price. Food in Lisbon also less expensive as compared to  Luxemburg,Germany,Belgium and France.


district of Lisbon, Portugal. The archaic community was demolished during the grouping of the 1755 Lisbon quake, and the annihilated Gothic Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Portuguese: Igreja do Carmo) on the southern veneer of the religious circle is the principle hint of the incredible tremor still noticeable in Carmo Convent ruins……. Carmo cloister ruins… … .The Convent of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Portuguese: Convento da Ordem do Carmo) is a previous Catholic religious circle situated in the common ward of the old city.

Livrarior Bertrand

Livraria Bertrand is the most seasoned working book shop on the planet, established in 1732 in Lisbon, Portugal. The first book shop in Lisbon’s Chiado neighborhood was announced by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most seasoned, working book shop on the planet in 2016.