A person who has not visited Italy, must be suffering inferiority complex  not having seen what it is expected a man should see. Italian people add work and life on food and wine. To me, Italian people live their lives better than us. Italy is very older country and it is worth to note how they celebrate Dinner and lunch. I appreciate the simplicity, the culture, the history and seasonal ability of Italian cousin. In cooking still they follow their grandma traditions.

About Italian food is however something I can write a book about. It is amazing how with such  a few ingredients they make food that has amazing flavor. Give them some tomato, cheese and dough and they will make you the most delicious Pizza in this world. Give him mushroom, water and flour and he will make you the best Pasta you have ever taste. Italian people depends mostly on fresh, seasonal products and it is reflected in vegetable menu like Contorno” that always complements to protein entree in Italian meal. Majority of tourists rely on guide book but by asking the locals, one can find the best food place.With all the type of pasta and other dishes,pasta has grow to be a image of Italian life style.

Pasta making mama

After hours of exploring the city on foot, I decided to take the Trip Advisor recommendation for a late lunch and took the bus all way up the cliffs to have food at a restaurant namely “La Tagliata.” It was rightly placed on the top of the mountains, owned by a small Italian family – two guys and their mom. Its located on a terrace with gorgeous views, serves a 5 course meal in 30 euros – and that’s why you cannot get in without a reservation because it’s always packed. I did not have a booking but the owner was kind enough to give in to the smile I flashed at him and he set me up a table for one on the sun roof. I sat there in complete awe of the view down below me, as I lunched with the clouds floating right next to me. Home cooked food was served to me in 5 courses and I was struggling to finish the huge quantity despite it being delicious. But as the guy informed me “… and senora, for your next course, mama has made pasta with parmesano and herbs….” I lost track of what he said after “mama has made..” my heart melted and I murmured … “yes pls. bring what mama has made.” This was a dream come true for me. I was in an absolutely beautiful place, with stunning views, having Italian food that mama had cooked. I could visualize a chubby Italian mama kneading the dough and making me in that moment.homemade pasta filled with love and the amazing Italian flavors. I would have eaten whatever they served.

I was so full I couldn’t move by the time I finished the meal. I don’t think I ever have eaten that much. Thanking the family I walked out of the restaurant and decided to walk all the way down to the beach. But as the roman gods would have it, it started to rain cats and dogs. I ended up being drenched, waiting under a bus shelter waiting for the bus to take me down. In Italy making a fresh Pasta is not reserved for special occasions, it is a way of life. I feel olive oil runs through their veins as someone told me that the average Italian consumes near about 14 liters of olive oil every year. The trouble with eating Italian food is that after four or 5 days , you are hungry again. Italian people stroll in to work at 10.Lunch from 12 to 3 and leave work at 5 and this is the real living. Florence is wonderful as it seems to be like mixture of water and wine. Venice is like eating extra large box of chocolate.I noticed (this is my observation) certain thing Italian do like Pakistanis,( or you can say Pakistani do like Italian) For example  Italian people avoid to wear seat belt same as Pakistani do. Some of them throw litter out of the window of their car…same habit in Pakistanis. However there are certain more strange things I found in Italian…If you drive slow or do any mistake you’ll have a lot of Italian drivers honking and flashing their lights at you.Sorrento ,located in southern Italy is very famous spot for visitors and tourists.


The well-known Angel of Grief sculpture by means of William Wetmore Story (1894) is possibly the solely piece of cemetery artwork that has been replicated extra than forty times, adorning funerary monuments all over the world, and featured in different artwork varieties as well. It seems on various heavy steel and rock bands album covers, amongst which Evanescence EP by using Evanescence (1998), The Edges of Twilight by using the Canadian Rock band The Tea Party (1995), Embossed Dream in Four Acts by using the Greek heavy steel band Odes of Ecstasy (1998) and Once by using the Finnish symphonic metallic band Nightwish (2004).






It is their belief that  cold air hit can cause sudden death so they never go out with wet hair. They are very religious to some extent, for instance , in the car when driving by a religious spot, you’ll see them make the sign of the cross (head, chest, shoulder, shoulder) . It always comes back to food. When a friend stops by for coffee in the afternoon, invariably after a nice “hello” and “how are you doing,” they will ask you what you had for lunch. You will seldom see an Italian walking down the street with a cup of coffee. They are very strict not to eat sandwich or such anything while driving. Like so many aspects of Italian dining, coffee is taken essentially black,  without  sugar—with an attention to every element, including the quality of the beans, the grind, and the presentation.Some of the best views you can find in Italy are in its grave yards In coastal cities, these are mostly placed on hilltops overlooking the ocean, with beautiful  garden paths and lush flora. But even those underground—and a bit creepy—are worth a special visit .In spite of my best efforts I could  learn only a few Italian words such as: Buongiorno – good morning, Come va – how are you? Ti amo – I love you