“Food and culinary delights of FARO….PORTUGAL

Join me on a journey to discover the world most breathtaking destinations.Let us go to FARO which is famous  for its beaches (there are 20) and nightlife.

In Luxembourg last week of February,2023  was a long week end and every one of us was keen to spend these vocations in a city having historic sites,natural landscape and fantastic beaches.Keeping in view that the air fare are very low these days,we took flight of Ryan Air and within 3 hours we landed at Al grave air port which is the third busiest air port in term of passenger traffic in Portugal.Faro is the  best-known most   famous  city in Portugal ’ ‘ s  deservedly aptly   famous named  Algarve region. There ’s   is  an archaeological museum and a  “Bishops’ “Bishop’s  Palace ,” “,  a Renaissance cathedral that was heavily bombed during  World WWII   War but   II, has   but since   later been  rebuilt. Nearby  in  Estoi  are is   a  Roman  ruins ruin , and  nearby  Albufeira ,   also was   nearby, once   is  a  formerly picturesque   quaint  fishing village  influenced with   by 8th-century   the Moorish   Moors in the 8th century influence . It ’ ‘ s  situated on   in  a  cliffside cliff   location,  and  has known   become famous  for its beaches (there are 20) and nightlife.

We visited city’s most famous church.Sé Catedral de Faro is a late 13th century Roman Catholic church. As one of Faro’s most culturally significant buildings, it’s easy to spot when exploring the old town. Step inside to discover gilded carvings and white stucco ceilings, as well as the great 17th-century Sé de Faro organ.We also visited most bizarre  chapel churches.Cidade VelhaCidade Velha, or Old Town in English, is where the historical centre of the city is located. Having its imperial walls  from the 9th century A.C. and the Moorish occupation, the access to Vila Adentro, another name used to refer to Cidade Velha, is through the medieval gates after the garden Jardim de Manuel Bivar.Here you can find  many hotels and hostels and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the city. Small but clean streets with the typical Portuguese sidewalk, classic regional houses and an abundance of restaurants create a charming environment.

You can visit most famous churches like Laalmodena Cathedral,Sé Catedral de Faro ,The Saint Lenho chapel houses the tomb of the church’s founding bishop, Capella Church   dos of  Ossos is part of  the  Igreja do Carmo, an 18th-century church in  center of  Faro.  ‘Macabre’ “Scary”   might is   just perhaps   the right word to describe the  chapel church , as its name directly translates to  ‘Chapel “Church  of Bones ’. “.   Spanning The   around  24   – square -metre   metres,  Capella dos Ossos is  well  worth a visit  thanks for   to  its  rather macabre   terrifying decor   ornaments –   – more   over than  1,200 bones and 1,000  skulls Carmelite   belonging to  monks ‘   of skulls   the Carmel Order  cover the entire site.

For about 2 euros, you can enter this sinister sanctuary. Visiting Igreja do Carmo itself is a more enjoyable option than the church. It has elegant wood carvings inside and a very picturesque exterior.Ria Formosa Natural Park  Tour around gorgeous  islets off the seacoast  Ria Formosa Natural Park is a collection of  islets, bars and lagoons just off the seacoast of Faro. Join a boat  stint to navigate through the aqueducts, where you can encounter  fantastic   catcalls  similar as flamingos and white egrets. The shallow and rich waters around Armona Island are excellent for snorkelling – seahorses  frequently flock around the seabed.

Winter is perhaps the quietest time, allowing you to calmly enjoy the city away from the crowds. The fact that it is low season also lowers the prices of hotels and most of the attractions, offering a relaxed holiday at modest prices while  Summer is certainly the most popular season for tourists who wish to visit Faro. The bright sun, lack of wind and a pleasant water temperature bring curious people from every corner of the world to the capital of the Algarve. During high season the city is buzzing with excitement, with various music shows to light up the nights. The bars and restaurants are open until late and the nightclubs only close at dawn.

The good news about FARO.

8 million Euro has been reserved to full fill a project which has to be carried out within next 10 years by SINES & ALGRAVO port administration to advance the  deconstructionism of portimao.The idea is that cruise ships reaching at the port can be able to  “TURN OFF THEIR MOTORS” and connect to renewable energy source,wind,solar or Hydrogen.

However,it is sad to mention here that there is need of metro bus which can link Olhao,Faro and Loule.To promote living in Faro,the authorities are planning to construct two new educational campus i.e one in Faro and the other in Portimao.Taking this opportunity I may point out that there is need for a cancer Hospital in Faro as at present moment all cancer patients are being shifted to cancer Hospital at Lisbon.


Residents of Faro are nowadays protesting against the situation of  Alagoa, which is under serious threat of being  destroyed to make way for a new commercial area. People are agitating outside head quarter of Regional development commission and environment authority. Residents say that they will not allow the destruction of the wetland because it will worsen the effects of climate change, followed by biodiversity, given that wetland is home of over 145 species of birds and 300 species of fauna and flora. Citizens also argue that building a commercial area on top of aquifer can put people at risk destroying a natural habitat in an urban center goes against the objectives sustainable development.


I encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.let’s keep the conversation going and learn from each other.As I wrap up this blog,I hope it has provided you with some valuable insights and inspiration.Thank you for reading and spreading this travel blog.In conclusion, lets continue to explore and discover new ideas,new destinations because knowledge is an endless journey.In conclusion, lets continue to explore and discover new ideas,new destinations because knowledge is an endless journey.