Due to wars of Charles the bold and 80  years’ war, population of Lisse was suffering  From poverty as their main lively hood was based on agriculture and harvesting of Peat. In middle age Lisse was a very small town and had only 50 homes. Now, people of Lisse and their country, NETHERLANDS  are the world’s biggest exporters and grower of Tulips.Tulips came to Europe from Ottoman Empire.Today, Lisse is famous for its beautiful flower fields and flower bulbs that are exported around the world.Lisse is one of the Dutch towns that grew on top of an old beach dike and has a long history. Keukenhof Park is spread on an area of 79 acres of land & as per an estimate 70 million flowers bulbs are planted every year.Beside Tulip,Keukenhof also produces other kind of flowers such as daffodils,lilies,Roses and hyacinths.



From Luxembourg city,it is 4  hours drive and a distance of 409 kilometers.There are some great stops  on the way such as    Brussels, Antwerp, Rotterdam, The Hague, Dinant, Leuven, Tilburg, Delft, Namur, and Mechelen and top places to visit like Escher in Het Paleis and Mauritshuis.In Lisse other place of  interest   are HuysDever, a castle tower from 14th century,Museum De Zwarte Tulp (Black Tulip  museum}  exhibiting the history of the Dutch bulb-growing region.  According to my information more than 14 million tourists mostly from Europe,USA and China come  to RISSE to see the beauty  of Tulip in castle Keukenhof.Unfortunately nowadays tourists  from China and other many countries are not allowed to visit this most romantic  place  due  to covid-19. If you wish to visit this beautiful and romantic place ,easy to reach as a day trip from Amsterdam  or Harlem. Keukenhof is a celebration of colour and all things floral-related. Entry ticket for Keukenhof will cost Euro 16per person available online.  Tulips are one of the first few plants to bloom in the spring—when temperatures are just beginning to upward jab and snow nevertheless sometimes falls.A flower can’t blossom except sunshine, and man can’t stay except love.” Flowers heal me. Tulips make me happy.A flower cannot blossom barring sunshine, and man cannot remain besides love.”

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