Since last many  years I had the opportunity to visit many countries. Where ever I went, who ever had a chance to verbalize with me, I always endeavored to ken their faith and credences.From my own country to India, Afghanistan,Iran,UAE,Egypt,Luxembourge,Belgium,France,germany,Hong Kong, China, Thailand,Korea,Japan and many more countries, I met several people and had a chance to discuss about their faith upon superstitious verbally expressions The number 13, ebony felines, breaking mirrors, or on foot underneath ladders, can additionally all be stuff you —superstitious.Even in case you don’t bear in mind your self a specially superstitious person, you possibly verbally express “bless you” when a person sneezes, simply in case the satan should decide to glom their soul—as our predecessors thought viable in the course of a sneeze.On top of this, some airlines together with Air France and Lufthansa, do no longer have a 13th row. Lufthansa additionally has no 17th row—because in nations like Italy and Brazil—the typical hapless number is 17 and not 13.Carrying charms, sporting positive apparel, visiting places cognate to congruous fortune, preferring particular colorings and the utilization of concrete numbers are all elements of superstition. And albeit these deportments and forms of kineticism can appear nugatory, for a few people, they can conventionally affect picks made in the genuine world .In this blog, I am going to discuss inordinately fascinating things and notions & saying about superstitious.

Superstitious.. . “Dark feline simply crossed my way damn it something terrible will occur!”

COMMENTS:  The feline ought to be totally dark, let me explain that. Poor people feline is possibly following a mouse, not thinking about you and here numerous people simply go odd reasoning ‘something terrible will happen now’.

Superstitious.. “A crow is cawing like insane – Guests are coming.

COMMENTS.  Alright how about we guess the crow realizes that somebody is coming and starts cawing to tell you that you need to clean your home, wash your face and shroud all the humiliating stuff. Crow is extremely great. In any case, I guess it has no clue. Right

Supertitious.  Drink milk after eating fish-welcome  skin infection.

COMMENTS. This one is abnormal and has been taken care of to us *Pun intended* so often that we don’t generally have the foggiest idea what it feels like to have warm

Superstitious.. “Palms bothersome wealth is coming your direction”

COMMENTS:  Recall when you had a bothersome palm and out of nowhere the entirety of your companions began arranging what they will do with your cash? At whatever point your palm and let me be explicit, the correct palm is irritated expect some cash flying your direction.

Superstitious.. Sit under a tree after its dim be controlled by a jin.

COMMENTS.  As a matter of first importance, you are a jin in the event that you are sitting under a tree nowadays, right fellas? I mean it’s cold outside the present moment and evening is extremely dim on the grounds that our administration chosen to favor us with power outages, I mean who might sit under a tree?

Superstitious.. . Left Eye jerking – Something terrible will occur

COMMENTS.  The jerk is one more awful sign, it implies your general surroundings is scheming something against you. Experimentally, a jerking eye can be one indication of stress, particularly when it is identified with vision issues, for example, eye strain. Be that as it may, such as tingling if the jerking is determined please go to a specialist.

Superstitious. You sniffle When someone is pondering you.

Comments.  This essentially doesn’t have any significant bearing on the off chance that you have influenza or cold, however in the event that you don’t. It is absolutely appropriate. The enjoyment part is think about who must consider you….May be corona virus…God forbid me.

Superstitious.. it is awful success to go away your chopsticks caught upright in a bowl of rice.

COMMENTS. This is due to the fact in Korea, as in many Asian cultures, incense sticks are positioned in bowls in a comparable manner to honor deceased ancestors; so, sticking your chopsticks in a rice bowl in this way is reminiscent of death, and concept to convey misfortune.

Superstitious.. The wide variety 4 is notion to be unfortunate in Korea and china but 8 ??

COMMENTS. . This superstition has its foundation in China, the place the phrase for “four” is comparable in sound to the phrase for “death.” This is additionally the case for the quantity 4 (사) in the Korean language’s Sino-Korean wide variety system, which is based totally on Chinese. Accordingly, many public constructions and elevators in South Korea will sincerely have an “F” ground rather of a fourth, with no “4” in sight.  Eight, on the different hand, is a fortunate number, concept to deliver.

Superstitious.. Don’t put a replicate in the front of a door

COMMENTS. Mirrors are the basis for a variety of superstitions all round the globe. While Europeans and North Americans take care now not to spoil mirrors, Koreans keep away from placing them without delay in the front of a door, as this will deflect exact good fortune from entering.

Superstitious.. If you put your pillow to the north, you will die earl

COMMENTS. There are many speculation to show a motive for this superstition. Maybe cats can feel the moisture in the air, or cats do not like to have their whiskers wet, so it takes care of its face when there is a lot of humidity in the air. Nobody is aware of why scientifically, however this is very famous amongst the Japanese.


Superstitious.. garments clutched the proprietor’s soul much in the afterlife

COMMENTS. . In this manner on the off chance that you keep your clothing outside around evening time, the garments would call dead spirits and become frequented. This is not, at this point a notable superstition any longer.

Superstitious.. catfish can detect tremors much sooner than human instruments can.

COMMENTS. and there are a few researchers who attempted to demonstrate it utilizing present day strategies. In any case, it’s not affirmed at this point however many anticipate the aftereffect of reality.

Superstitious.. snakes are extremely sacrosanct creatures

COMMENTS.. If you place skin of snake in your wallet, it is  accepted to bring more fortune into one’s life.

Superstitious..  Nine is the Number for Suffering

COMMENTS.. In emergency clinics, the ninth floor is frequently skipped on the grounds that the number is articulated as “ku,” which is likewise the sound for misery.

Superstitious.. Seeing a Spider in the Morning is Lucky

COMMENTS….. Despite the fact that the Japanese culture recommends that seeing a bug in the first part of the day is fortunate, it is unfortunate to see a bug around evening time.

Superstitious.. Hiccupping 100 Times Brings Death


COMMENTS….. It is accepted that 100 continuous hiccups will bring about the demise of the person.

Superstitious.. The Thunder God Eats Belly Buttons.

COMMENTS… In Japan, it is prescribed to conceal tummy catches during a thunder storm. Something else, the divine force of thunder will eat it.

Superstitious.. you need to toss salt on yourself.

COMMENTS… Salt sort of scrubs things. At the point when a companion is with you, you toss salt on one another, or on yourself on the off chance that you are separated from everyone else.

Superstitious.. buildings in Japan don’t have fourth or ninth floors.

COMMENTS…. . Japanese Buddhists praise a child’s seventh day of life, the Shichifukujin are the Seven Gods of Luck, and Japanese individuals observe Tanabata, (the Evening of the Seventh) each mid year on July seventh.

Superstitious…. Be cautious how you stand when you take group picture.

COMMENTS…. As indicated by Japanese superstitions, the individual or relative in the center will kick the bucket before the other two individuals

Superstitious…. Flying creature (and other creature) Droppings

COMMENTS… Droppings Are Lucky One of the quirkier Japanese superstitions, this yucky event is really fortunate.


Superstitious.. Toss your shoe noticeable all around.

COMMENTS… . On the off chance that it arrives on the sole, the climate will be decent. On the off chance that it arrives on its side, it will be a shady day. At last if your shoe lands topsy,it will rain.

Superstitious..       Undesirable visitors

COMMENTS…  In the event that you have a guest in your home that has exceeded their welcome, Brazilian superstition says that putting a floor brush behind the entryway will make them leave.

Superstitious..       Elephant trimming

COMMENTS…..   Keep a trimming in your home of an elephant with its trunk not yet decided. It as far as anyone knows brings money related karma.

Superstitious..      Entryways…

Comments……   If you go into a house, make sure to leave through a comparative portal as you walked around. Going out through a substitute gateway plainly brings hardship.

Superstitious..     Mango and milk

COMMENTS….   Eating mango by then drinking milk will execute you.

Superstitious..    Clearing feet

COMMENTS…..   In case someone clears your feet with a sweeper, you will obviously have disaster and not ever wed.

Superstitious..       Butterflies

COMMENTS….  In case the essential butterfly you find in a year is white, you’re in karma—it’s a sign of a time of great karma.


Superstitious..    Chinese Superstitions with Colors

COMMENTS…..       The shading white is known as one of the unluckiest Chinese hues since it is related with grieving and misfortune. You will periodically observe Chinese individuals sporting white to memorial services.  The shading green can likewise be viewed as unfortunate as it is connected with treachery. A man wearing a green cap is said to have an unfaithful spouse.  The shading dark is viewed as unfortunate too given its relationship to the dimness and mystery. The word ‘mafia’ means ‘dark society’ in Chinese.   It does not beat the shading red in China.It is the shade of banner and it speaks to satisfaction.     In Chinese culture, the hues white  and dark  are both related with grieving and misfortune, and are thusly viewed as unfortunate


Superstitious..       Owls are accepted to be a terrible sign.

COMMENTS…   They may be the image of insight or even a stylish embellishment for individuals in the West, however Arabs sure don’t share those perspectives! Owls are accepted to be a terrible sign and in the event that it hoots, your setback is much more prominent.

Superstitious..            Other fortunate numbers

COMMENTS……              Just as eight, Chinese superstitions state that the numbers 88, 18, 13 and 168 are likewise fortunate. So these numbers are likewise all around looked for after in the lodging market. The number 8 is the most fortunate Chinese number since it seems like the word for “riches”. 88 is considered especially fortunate in light of the fact that it symbolized the “twofold satisfaction” character


Superstitious..       Totes

COMMENTS….    This is one of the most renowned and expansive superstitions in Brazil: if you leave your pack on the floor, you will lose money. It is remarkable to see someone leaving their sack on the floor, getting a kick out of the chance to leave it on their laps, on a table, or swinging from the seat.

Superstitious..       Cutlery.

COMMENTS…..    Be wary when you drop cutlery during dinner. Dropping an edge on the floor infers a fight will happen—anyway this can be avoided by making a cross on the floor with a comparable sharp edge. Dropping a fork suggests a man will appear at your home, however in case you drop a spoon, envision that a female visitor should pound at your door.


Superstitious..         Did you have a terrible dream  ?

COMMENTS…….    Offer the alert and edify someone with respect to your awful dream or you chance it turning out true to form. In case it’s a fair dream, in any case, keep that in—it won’t work out something different.

Superstitious..           Newly born child.

COMMENTS…   Make an effort not to permit anyone to acknowledge or contact your newborn child to an outrageous. Doing so can berate the kid with “Mal de Ojo”, or the Evil Eye. It can make a newborn child cry fiercely, develop a fever, or progressively awful.

Superstitious..            Abstain from trimming a child’s hair

COMMENTS…       Abstain from trimming a child’s hair too soon. Do as such before they walk can and they’ll take more time to ace the expertise. Trim their hair before their first birthday celebration and they may never figure out how to talk.

Superstitious..            Are your ears ringing or humming?

COMMENTS….       Somebody may be discussing you. On the off chance that it influences your correct ear, don’t stress—the discussion is acceptable. The left ear implies the discussion is terrible, so stay quiet. It’s said to make the speaker chomp theirs and can avoid their negative considerations.

Superstitious..            Ready to celebrate the New Year?

COMMENTS….          Eat 12 grapes before 12 PM on January 31 and you’ll see a year of bliss.

Superstitious..     Birthdays in Argentina commence at midnight the time concerning or now not a 2nd before.

COMMENTS….  . If you genuinely fancy your Argentine friend, don’t thou call want to them a colorful birthday earlier than the clock strikes midnight.

Superstitious..      If thou see  nine cows of a move together with a grey bull next in imitation of the door

COMMENTS…. , you are between luck, because ye choice stand granted one wish.

Superstitious..      Saying “Tvi Tvi” to a buddy

COMMENTS…  In Norway people believe it brings  excellent luck.

Superstitious..      Do not Knit Sweater.

COMMENTS…. Norwegian female need to not knit a sweater for her boyfriend, due to the fact then she intention depart her.

Superstitious..      taking walks beneath a stairs.

COMMENTS….   Swedish people believe you will face 3 weeks of incorrect luck.

Superstitious..      Murder of Spider.

COMMENTS…… Finland people believe that brings deteriorative luck…

Superstitious..      Putting 7 distinctive sorts of flora.

COMMENTS….Finish people believe if you put 7 different kind of flower under the pillow of St John’s night, it brings strong good.

Superstitious..      Throw broken dishes over your friends.


COMMENTS… Danish people agree with Throwing broken dishes over your friends’ portal brings helpful good fortune while hoisting the Danish flag at night time brings imperfect luck…

Superstitious..      Meeting dark haired guys.

COMMENTS…..   In Holland,  humans consider permanency toughness Meeting dark haired guys on New Year’s day heralds good success whilst lending powder brings incorrect luck…

Superstitious..      Eating raw garlic.

COMMENTS…  In Austria people trust as permanency  longevity Eating raw clove garlic mixed above with yogurt brings good success (yuk!) while telling desires before ingesting regarding water brings bad luck…

Superstitious..      Figure  13 and 17

COMMENTS…..Italian people believe . Encountering the quantity 13 is considered fortunate whilst encountering the variety 17 is viewed as a faulty omen…

Superstitious..    Throwing a shoes.

COMMENTS…..  Czech  people believes Throwing a shoe upon thine shoulder brings luck but pouring beer of an improbable mug brings imperfect luck…

Superstitious..    Throwing water.

COMMENTS…. Salvakian people say Throwing waters in conformity with women (on unique occasions!) brings good  fortune while slaughter spiders brings bad luck…

Superstitious..    A hen shitting

COMMENTS…… …….. A hen shitting over you  brings excellent good fortune whilst shaking fingers via a commencement brings faulty good fortune .

Superstitious..    Eating Fish

COMMENTS…..In Latvia people believe Eating fish about New Year’s Eve brings luck whilst inserting gloves concerning a desk brings misfortune…

Superstitious..    Do not walk backward.

COMMENTS….In case of walking backward, people in Portugal believe that  it teaches the satan the course you’re walking.


Superstitious..    Touching the purple pompom.

COMMENTS…  Touching the purple pompom on a sailor’s beret brings success while placing tommy upside under concerning the table heralds imperfect luck…’

Superstitious..       seeing bugs can be somewhat dreadful.

COMMENTS….  Truly, seeing bugs can be somewhat dreadful. In any case, don’t be apprehensive in the event that you locate a bug wandering around the house. Middle Easterners accept that it is an indication that visitors are coming and, being as emergency clinic as we may be, who wouldn’t invite that?

Superstitious..       Pick which venture to enter with carefully

COMMENTS….   ! It is accepted that entering another home with the correct foot brings good karma and favors the new premises, though washrooms ought to be entered utilizing the left foot or, in all likelihood awful things will transpire.



And now last superstitious..very interesting and very true….It was first week of December,2019,very cold and foggy day, MY mali (Gardner) was planting  rose plants in front lawn and was continuously coughing..I advised him to take some medicine but he denied. He sat near me on a chair having a glass of water in hand waiting for something to happen. After waiting for more than 10 minutes I heard voice of a bird. In local language it is called TITIRI (In English you can call it  Red watted Lapwig.The moment this bird started voicing  pee-wit-wit-wit, My Gardner drunk glass of water .After drinking glass of water, he remained busy in  planting roses for more than 3 hours but without cough. According to him it is a tested formula that if you have cough, wait for sounding this bird and when it started  voicing pee-wit-wit, you should drink water immediately and cough will be gone..Yes off course it happened  in my presence but even then I do not believe in such superstitious.


Last Superticious  at my home.  Camel bones can protect from black magic.

COMMENTS.. 3 year ago,I had built a new house and was packing to shift there when my wife who is well educated and remained in teaching career for many year, advised me that prior to shift to new house,you must burry 2 leg bones of camel in front and back yard one each. According to her thus we can make ourselves safe from Black magic. Moreover it can save our wooden doors from destroying by insects……. and I…..did it

The main purpose of this blog is just to entertain my readers during these worst days of CORONA virus…..STAY AT HOME……KEEP DISTANCE…..GOD BLESS ALL OF US.