Few years back We traveled from Lahore (Pakistan) to Morocco.Our main purpose was to enjoy vocations in Casablanca.During this visit I had lot of things to write and many photos to display on my blog but unfortunately my wife died and I forgot to write any thing about our stay in Casablanca. Last November when Foot ball team of Morocco played their first match of FIFA cup in Qatar and defeated Brazil,then I got my memories back and decided to write a blog on Casablanca.

Casablanca, additionally recognized in Arabic as Dar al-Bayda.when Sultan Mohammed ben Abdallah (c. 1710–1790) rebuilt the metropolis after its destruction inside the earthquake of 1755, it become renamed “ad-Dār al-Bayḍāʾ ”  The White residence), although in vernacular use it changed into pronounced “Dar al-Baiḍā” actually residence of the White, although in Moroccan Arabic vernacular it keeps the authentic feel of The White house.Casablanca has a hot-summer Mediterranean local weather (Köppen local weather classification Csa). The cool Canary Current off the Atlantic coast moderates temperature variation, which consequences in a local weather remarkably comparable to that of coastal Los Angeles, with comparable temperature ranges. The metropolis has an annual common of seventy two days with extensive precipitation, which quantities to 412 mm (16.2 in) per year. The very best and lowest temperatures ever recorded in the metropolis are 40.5 °C (104.9 °F) and −2.7 °C (27.1 °F), respectively. The easiest quantity of rainfall recorded in a single day is 178 mm (7.0 in) on 30 November 2010.


1- The historical “Excelsior” Café: one of the most vital cafes that used to be designed in 1916.

2- Al-Ajbas neighborhood: It is one of the foremost vacationer points of interest in the metropolis due to the fact of the architectural building, which is stimulated by means of the spirit of Arab, Islamic and European architecture.

3- Hassan II Mosque: The seventh biggest mosque in the world, with its Andalusian minaret at a peak of 210 meters, which is the best possible non secular constructing in the world.

4- Ain Diab Corniche: It stretches alongside the seashore and is a waterfront that consists of a collection of lovely pools, hotels, cafes and restaurants..

5- Mohammed V Street: which is characterised by way of constructions of French elegance, with a size of two km.

  1. Burj Dubai Casablanca Towers: It is an built-in complicated for business, shopping, tourism and entertainment, with a luxurious lodge and a complicated of residential apartments.
  2.  Morocco Mall: Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean on an place of 250 thousand rectangular meters, with 350 retail outlets imparting merchandise of 600 worldwide brands, in addition to restaurants, leisure facilities, resting websites and vast inexperienced areas.
  3.  Arab League Garden: courting again to 1913, designed in the fashion of French gardens with an place of 30 hectares
  4.  The historical city: a historic region surrounded via a wall that has countless most important gates, the most well-known of which is the Marrakesh Gate, and it is one of the most well-known areas in tourism in Casablanca in spite of its historic age, as it consists of historic monuments represented via historic mosques and vintage homes The coast is one of the most well-known neighborhoods.

Bab Marrakesh is one of the most necessary symbols of tourism in Casablanca, one of the gates of the ancient metropolis and it is meant via most site visitors to Casablanca for the motive of purchasing or to study about the records of the ancient metropolis no matter its crumple due to the earthquake that struck the location in 1775

Top movies filmed in Morocco.


Casablanca, Nest of Spies

Lawrence of Arabia



Sex and the City 2


The Man Who Knew Too Much

Marrakech Express

The Mummy

Black Hawk Down

American Sniper

Captain Phillips

Spies Like Us

Days of Glory

Of Gods and Me

Mission impossible and many more films were pictured in Morocco. Below are posters  of few movies filmed in Morocco.

Most people not only visit because of its world class attractions and stunning locations but also for its safety and security. Morocco is renowned for being one of the most peaceful destinations in Africa with a low crime rate.



Many distinctive film administrators have visited Morocco over the previous few years along with Ridley Scott, one of the most treasured and skilled administrators in the world who is famend for his fashionable important points and has most of his films shot in the Sahara Desert such as Black Hawk Down, Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven and Body of Lies.Most provinces of Morocco are regarded a best stage for film production. Casablanca is the shoot place for the famous film Babel and some other warm spot the place movies are produced is Ait Benhaddou. Some different films filmed right here consist of Jesus of Nazareth, The Sheltering Sky, Lawrence of Arabian and Kundun.Morocco is really worth your precious holiday time due to the fact it is a lovely  place that now not solely attracts heaps of lots of traffic yearly however additionally documentary and film makers.


Morocco food is fueled by exchange of many nations and cultures on last several years. Moroccan cuisine is a mixture of Arabic,Andalussi,Berber and Mediterranean meal.The most commonly cooked Moroccan food dishes consist of lamb, followed by chicken, and are usually prepared the traditional way in a tagine. A tagine is a traditional round clay dish with a cone-shaped lid used to lock in heat and flavour, braising meat and vegetables until tender and super-fragrant. Along with meats, legumes such as lentils and chickpeas are also popular to add protein. Hearty vegetables like pumpkin, potatoes, and carrots are commonly added to tagines with the clever additions of olives for saltiness and fruits like currants and pomegranate seeds for sweetness.






Treat your friend as if he might become an enemy.

                                    Почему Путин напал на Украину……Why Putine attacked on Ukarine

   Какой главный спор между Россией и Украиной стал причиной вторжения России в Украину

   What is main dispute between Russian and Ukarain that caused Inavasion of Ukrain by Russia

The situation that developed a few months before the start of the special operation in Ukraine. Then, too, Western and Ukrainian speakers were pumping, and the Western and Ukrainian media, as if on cue, squealed: “Putin is about to attack Ukraine!” And only the Russian side had to constantly make excuses, they say, we are not going to attack anyone. But a special military operation still had to be started, with a preemptive strike, a day before the upcoming blitzkrieg of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the LDNR. And now everything seems to be developing according to a similar scenario, only in the role of Russia – Belarus, and in the role of Ukraine – Poland.

I have decided to conduct a special military operation.


Before invading, the Russian parliament accredited the navy action. Putin’s invasion has the full guide of the Russian public. … Just earlier than the invasion, there used to be some thing on the order of 2,000 violations of the ceasefire by way of the Ukraine in opposition to the Donbas.Putin recommended the neighbors “not to boost the situation.” However, for the time being, the Kremlin managed, if now not to reorient Ukraine in the direction of Russia, then at least to forestall its entire flip to the West. … Why Ukraine? Despite the Kremlin’s ongoing rhetoric about the “Nazi regime” in Kyiv, the principal motive for such shut interest to Ukraine lies no longer in the ideological component, however in the geopolitical role of the country. … Therefore, if Russia, for example, decides to assault neighboring Latvia or Estonia (both NATO members), then all thirty contributors of the North Atlantic Alliance are obliged to declare conflict on the aggressor. Russia topped the rating of international locations with the greatest variety of sanctions.”We won’t allow such a mistake a second time,” Vladimir Putin said. The problem is that on our own historical territories adjacent to us, a hostile “anti-Russia” was created, which was placed under complete external control, intensively settled by the armed forces of the NATO countries and pumped up with weapons. … And already on March 17, Biden announced that he would send another $1 billion worth of weapons to Ukraine. That is, indeed, the United States is ready to fight in Ukraine to the last Ukrainian.  Why didn’t the Ukrainian military hear Putin’s call? The fact is that the Ukrainian grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard, concentrated near the borders of the DPR and LPR, was “charged” for a quick victory in the Donbass

                                                             CELEBRATION OF NEW YEAR IN MOSCOW

what the FSB intelligence reported to Putin before the start of the war, and why the Chekists are now “thirsty for the blood” of their colleagues from the fifth service … As a result, Putin, when deciding to invade Ukraine, relied mainly on the reports of his former colleagues, including “ big fifth service “of the FSB (it is so called to distinguish it from the fifth services within the smaller units of the FSB). … Secondly, because the Russian authorities have always looked at Ukraine as a province of their metropolis, and no one in the FSB really tried to understand what was really happening in the neighboring country. … It is important to understand what is in the minds of these people in order to understand how they could make such a disastrous decision to attack a once brotherly country.

On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of an operation to demilitarize Ukraine in response to the shelling of the recently recognized DPR and LPR by Moscow. Why did the Russian leadership take such a step, why does the West not want to get involved in the conflict, and how will the European security system be rebuilt? … “Isolation won’t scare Russia” Why did Moscow decide to launch an operation in the Donbass and how will it change European security? . Early on the morning of February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a military operation to demilitarize Ukraine in response to shelling of the recently recognized Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.This is most unfortunate that support of NATO towards Ukraine has prolonged the war.After imposing sanctions against Russia,Putin is more furious and there are possibilities to use nuclear arsenal by Russia.On the other hand USA has recently announced another package of military assistance to Ukraine worth near about $.2 billion including latest air defense system and patriot Missile.Last week.


“According to the latest data, Russia has confirmed 3,392 Ukrainian prisoners, but as many as 15,000 people, including many civilians, have been reported missing in Ukraine,” Ukraine’s ombudswoman for the rights of prisoners of war and presidential adviser Alena Verbitskaya said Russian forces deliver massive strike on Ukrainian command centers, defense industry sites.Several targets were struck & it seems that The goal of massive strike has been achieved.

During last week of December, missile troops and artillery struck 73 Ukrainian artillery units at firing positions, manpower and military equipment in 86 areas. In the area of the settlement of Lebedin in the Sumy Region, a radar station of a Ukrainian S-300 anti-aircraft missile system was destroyed. In areas near the settlements of Vesyoloye and Chasov Yar in the Donetsk People’s Republic, positions were uncovered and two AN/TPQ-50 counter-battery radars of US manufacture were obliterated.Approximately 97% population of Ukraine is Catholic christian but it seems strange that a jew is ruling the country.It is time to think what is behind the scene as why America is supportive to Jew leader.Due to energy crisis, price of food and gas has g0ne up and every family living in Germany or in Czech Republic or in Hungary or France are badly effected.It is high time for America to revise policy against Russia and Now when Putin has offered to sit with Zelnesky for negotiation to settle all important issues, such opportunity must be availed.The economies of Russia and Ukraine were deeply intertwined. … “But for some reason certain powers do not want to learn themselves.” … With the invasion of Ukraine, there is no one left who thinks Putin is merely acting like a standard post-Soviet Russian politician. … Viktor Medvedchuk, a close ally of Putin who was considered his point man in Ukraine, was placed under house arrest.on  6th Jan,2023 Putin declared ceasefire for three days for Orthodox Christians but Zelenseky dismissed this offer. I  the author of this post accept my weak knowledge about Catholic, Protestants and orthodox Christian but as per my information, one of the main cause of Ukraine war is establishment of Orthodox Church in Moscow. While Ukraine Wants complete independence from Moscow Orthodox Church. Moscow sometimes refer to itself as the third Rome because Moscow see themselves as the supreme sovereign of Christian orthodox nations because majority of orthodox Christians are living in East Europe and Greece and Istanbul.

In order to establish peace in this region, everyone needs to make efforts on his own. Peace cannot be achieved by the efforts of any one person. Everyone has to be ready for this. Peace is the only way through which we can make this world a better place. We can give a better world to the next generation through peace.In the end,my humble request to all concerned to come on dialogue  for solving the main issues and to create environment of peace. What Else is left to say ?

            Take care and keep on reading my blogs.Speak to you soon in my next blog.                                





Grindelwaldl………mountain resorts in Switzerland

Last October it was long week end,so we decided to travel towards Switzerland’s famous mountain areas.It is a small town which is called “GRINDELWALD”. We planned to travel by car.

Driving distance is  523 km (325 mi) estimated cost of fuel is US$100–144,it took 6 hours and 30 minutes to reach destination from Luxembourg.Grindelwald is one of the most famous mountain motels in Switzerland. It’s well-known for its amazing surroundings of the mountains, a huge range of out of doors things to do in all seasons, and additionally shopping.The village of Grindelwald is placed in the Swiss Bernese Alps and is bordered through the north face of the Eiger and the Wetterhorn. Known regionally as ‘the bright Eiger village’, Grindelwald presents awesome views and lots of things to do to hold traffic happy.During the wintry weather months, Grindelwald buzzes with ski enthusiasts; you solely have to take a seem to be at a Grindelwald map to find out the extensive range of Grindelwald ski trails on offer.

As you’ll study in this blog, there are sufficient things  to do in Grindelwald to spend a week there. But, if you solely have a day or two, you won’t be disillusioned either.If you are heading to the Jungfrau location and are thinking about activities to do, Grindelwald in Switzerland is solely about half-an-hour from Interlaken by using educate and gives a lot of options.Whether you decide on to take section in some Grindelwald hiking, would like to take an adrenaline-fuelled trip via the summer time skies, choose to take a day out to the summit of the Jungfraujoch or would certainly love the hazard to loosen up at a spa, there is masses to do in this charming Swiss town.


Grindelwald has many delights to discover, and the Jungfraujoch tour is one of the best. It’s additionally one of the pinnacle motives that travelers go to Grindelwald.This super trip to the summit of the Jungfraujoch at 3,454 metres is one of Switzerland’s most famous day trips.Known as Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe, the mountain top can be reached with the aid of teach from Grindelwald in round ninety minutes, or, as of December 2022, through cable automobile to Eiger Glacier station with a connecting teach to Jungfraujoch in round 30 minutes.Numerous Grindelwald matters to do watch for you at the summit which includes an ice palace, the Sphinx Observatory which gives awe-inspiring views of the Aletsch Glacier, retail outlets and restaurants, and snow things to do in summer.The Jungfraujoch can be visited 365 days of the year.Due to the reputation of this excursion, it is encouraged that you purchase your tickets in advance.



Grindelwald – Männlichen – Grindelwald offerings function from 9am to 5pm day by day (Closed till 25 May, 2022 and then from 24 October to sixteen December, 2022).


If you revel in hiking, Grindelwald will go well with you perfectly. There are several paths and trails appropriate for any degree of hiker, from novices to greater superior walkers. We’ve already cited the hike to Bachalpsee above but there are lots of different hikes to pick out from, as you can see on this Jungfrau Region trekking map.


1.Swiss Alps

2.Louter Brannen water fall

3.Moennilchen romantic trail.

4 . Attitude ski.


6.Gross schelolegg.


                        ”  I don’t know as much about this place as other people,so these are just my thoughts.